Triumphal Trophies

Panic-buying and stock-piling has caused untold problems for many people, with basic and essential items unavailable. This page is a collection of things I have managed to acquire after a bit of a struggle.

19th March : toilet paper

Of course!! Having failed to get any both via an online delivery and in a supermarket, I resorted to the tried and tested ‘village shop’ variety of shopping experience – and lo and behold! on asking I learned that they are keeping some stock out the back as a preventative measure against panic buyers, and to enable the elderly and vulnerable to be able to buy basic necessities.

18th March : Feminine Hygiene products

A surprise contender in the ‘covetable commodities’ department. On an ill-fated trip to the supermarket today, I was amazed to discover that all shelves had been stripped, even for sanitary products such as this. I’m pretty sure they can’t be up-cycled as loo roll, so what’s this all about?

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