Welcome to the Bunker Bytes diary!

This page is the main bulk of the blog and where you will find links to the diary entries which I am currently recording daily. My original idea was to create an online audio diary, partly because I always feel that audio adds a real vitality to words and thoughts, but also because I think we are all experiencing a time where hearing the voices of others, even strangers, is something which is currently missing from our lives and will be for some time. However, since I was unable to find a platform which was both intuitive and free, that didn’t happen, so I am currently converting audio into text and am playing a bit of a game of catch-up.

28-03-2020 Lockdown Day 5: Retail therapy, anyone?

27-03-2020 Lockdown Day 4: Ooh, this is awkward!

26-03-2020 Lockdown Day 3: Not all lives are equal

25-03-2020 Lockdown Day 2: We’re all in this together…

24-03-2020 Lockdown: Day 1

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