Bunker Bites

Food has become an unavoidable topic of conversation due to panic-buying, the consequence being that although there is no shortage of food and deliveries are as normal, it has become difficult to get hold of some basic foodstuffs. So, this section deals with ideas about food, cooking, eating cheaply, home-baked substitutes, and some ideas for boosting health and immunity.

Being untalented in the culinary department, the cooking ideas suggested on this page are far from inspired new gastronomic delights, but more a case of very simple and frugal ideas about how to deal with the current situation of shop shelves being empty of basic ingredients and how to best use them. There will be few visual delights, as you will also notice that most of my cooking looks much the same 🙂


A yummy substitute for when all the bread, yeast and flour shelves are empty!

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